Mandarin Antiques & Pianos

Asian artifacts and player pianos fill this delightful antique shop on St. Helens Ave in downtown Tacoma. Every item is rich with history. Most of the Asian pieces, the owner has imported directly from China, while the pianos have been collected from all over America and Europe. One 1923 Steinway and Sons piano, measuring nine feet in length, was first owned by pioneer producer and Hollywood mogul, Thomas Ince. The piano has been professionally refurbished to be a player piano, and with a push of a button on your phone the keys of the massive piano start moving. The rich sound fills the store and you watch the black and white keys go up and down seemingly of their own accord.

  Across the room another Steinway and Sons piano was owned by the French composer Claude Debussy's mother. Maybe this ornately wood carved and glossy finished piano was what inspired the composer's interest in music. Claude began piano lessons at the age of seven, and at the age of ten, entered the Paris Conservatoire music school. So there is a good possibility he practiced on this very piano. 

       The piano owned by Claude Debussy's mother.

       The piano first owned by Thomas Ince.

       A chair in the dining room set owned by the actress and singer, Ann Sothern.